Thursday, 4 September 2014

Goku the Super Saiyan

whinga Ako: Create a story

Goku is cool because he has powers and he can turn into a super saiyan 5 and he looks cool with the yellow flames and goku is strong because goku can lift a car.
Goku is cool because of all of the superheroes and cause i like it when
vegeta and goku turn into Super super Saiyan and because they turn really powerful and they are tough like bay
and the mighty tk.It is cool bing a super saiyan i think.


  1. I like your storie because you made a interesting storie about goku and super saiyan

  2. i like how you said who goku is and who goku turns in to.

  3. Cool Tanekaha... my cousin Zakaii LOVES Dragon Ball Z... he has loads of dragon ball z toys,video games,movies and he even has dragon ball z cards...